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JavaScript is becoming more and more popular every day and I was wondering if I could make a standalone javaScript App. I knew that a Chromium (http://www.chromium ... 6 way power seat base
Feb 06, 2018 · Google introduced a new flag in Chrome 61 which gives users of the web browser control over the browser's autoplay behavior.. Flags are experimental features of Chrome that may be pulled or integrated natively in the browser at any time.

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adds multi-sync output support for the Oric, so 60Hz mode is now useable; corrects a handful of potential thread safety errors in SDL/kiosk mode; SDL/kiosk users can now specify a machine speed multiplier, e.g. --speed=0.75 to run at 75% of original speed, or --speed=2.5 to run at 250% speed;

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Dec 27, 2019 · Mistakenly pressing the Windows key while operating a time-sensitive application can lead to disaster. There are several ways to disable the feature in Microsoft Windows 10.

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Jul 07, 2020 · mRemoteNC is the next stage of mRemote development. mRemote is a full-featured, multi-tab remote connections manager. It allows you to store and operate all your remote connections in a simple yet powerful interface.

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This article covers setting up a Raspberry Pi to run a Web app in kiosk mode on a touchscreen or monitor. Kiosk mode allows you to replace the Raspberry Pi desktop with a stripped down Chromium...

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KIOSK MODE. Password change. Notification clear. Setting Background. The camera icon indicates Camera mode. To take a picture in this mode: 1. Frame your subject and watch for the focus ring

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4. 创建一个kiosk应用. 在Electron 中支持在初始化 BrowserWindow 实列化的时候通过传递一个名为 kiosk 的属性来设置应用进入kiosk模式,进入该模式后进行全屏状态了,如下代码所示:

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Oct 26, 2020 · Chromely是一个.NET / .NET Core HTML5 Chromium桌面框架,是Electron.NET的一个轻量级替代

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One of the ultimate mods for modern cars is to replace or upgrade the entertainment system. This can range from something as small as adding new speakers, to replacing the stock stereo, or – in our case – creating a custom car computer (also known as a 'carputer') purpose-built for your car.

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This Electron App demonstrates multi-screen Kiosk mode experience by creating an MSI package which executes PowerShell scripts. Scripts toggle Windows 10 Shell Launcher as well as set the kiosk user to AutoLogon. Creating an MSI makes sure we can distribute our app to multiple kiosks via MDM e.g Microsoft Intune.

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