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First, create a "Jive" user or some other user that will "own" the Jive tables. This isn't necessary, but doing so will allow your tables to exist in a seperate tablespace. Next import the schema from the resources/database directory of the installation using sqlplus (or your favorite Oracle tool such as Toad). Audi a3 flywheel noise
Now that we have our table, let's create a notebook and display our baseball table. For this example, I'm going to use Scala. This is a fairly simple process. On my cluster I've got a couple of databases, so I've used a bit of Spark SQL to use our default database like so %sql USE default; Databricks supports Scala, SQL, Python and R.

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$ su password: #spark-shell scala> Create SQLContext Object. Use the following command for initializing the HiveContext into the Spark Shell. scala> val sqlContext = new org.apache.spark.sql.hive.HiveContext(sc) Create Table using HiveQL. Use the following command for creating a table named employee with the fields id, name, and age.

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List catalog tables using Spark SQL. To issue SQL like queries, you can make use of the sql() method on the SparkSession and pass in a query string. Let's redo the previous example and list all tables in Spark's catalog using Spark SQL query. // List all tables in Spark's catalog using Spark SQL sparkSession.sql("show tables").show()

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Nov 21, 2016 · An example of magic functions for running SQL in pyspark can be found at this link to the code . The following magic functions are defined in the accompanying example code: %sql <statement> - return a Spark DataFrame for lazy evaluation of the SQL %sql_show <statement> - run the SQL statement and show max_show_lines (50) lines

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You can create a temporary SQL table using the following command (We use the DF we create in previous section): >>> df.registerTempTable("factbook") Now you can use SQL queries to play with your data :

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Mar 07, 2020 · Spark temp tables are useful, for example, when you want to join the dataFrame column with other tables. Spark DataFrame Methods or Function to Create Temp Tables. Depends on the version of the Spark, there are many methods that you can use to create temporary tables on Spark. For examples, registerTempTable ( (Spark < = 1.6) createOrReplaceTempView (Spark > = 2.0) createTempView (Spark > = 2.0) In this article, we have used Spark version 1.6 and we will be using the registerTempTable ...

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SqlDdlParserImpl # FACTORY sa "" > CREATE TABLE t (i INTEGER, j VARCHAR (10)); No rows affected (0. 293 seconds) > INSERT INTO t VALUES (1, 'a'), (2, 'bc'); 2 rows affected (0. 873 seconds) > CREATE VIEW v AS SELECT * FROM t WHERE i > 1; No rows affected (0. 072 seconds) > SELECT count (*) FROM v; +-----+ | EXPR $ 0 | +-----+ | 1 | +-----+ 1 row selected (0. 148 seconds) >! quit

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The rest of Spark's libraries are built on top of the RDD and Spark Core. Spark SQL: Provides APIs for interacting with Spark via the Apache Hive variant of SQL called Hive Query Language (HiveQL). Every database table is represented as an RDD and Spark SQL queries are transformed into Spark operations.

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This example demonstrates how to use spark.sql to create and load two tables and select rows from the tables into two DataFrames. The next steps use the DataFrame API to filter the rows for salaries greater than 150,000 from one of the tables and shows the resulting DataFrame. Then the two DataFrames are joined to create a third DataFrame.

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Create a table with selected columns from the existing table; Create a table by changing column names and data types of an existing table; Create a table with the result of a select query. CREATE TABLE as SELECT Syntax. Here is the simplified version of the Snowflake CREATE TABLE as SELECT syntax. You can create a new table on a current schema or another schema. CREATE [ OR REPLACE ] TABLE [dbname].[schema].

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The REFRESH TABLE statement refreshes the data in a materialized query table. The statement deletes all rows in the materialized query table, executes the fullselect in the table definition to recalculate the data from the tables specified in the fullselect, inserts the calculated result into the materialized query table, and updates the catalog for the refresh timestamp and cardinality of the ...

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